We are fascinated by the Art of Science.

Life science researchers are continuously working on the most difficult processes in life. Using bright fluorescent colors, advanced molecular biology techniques, and state-of-the-art detecting devices, researchers can visualize processes within an organism, an organ, or even within a single cell. 

Truly amazing!

At pArt of Science, we are continuously looking for the most beautiful patterns and biological designs that biology has to offer, made by awesome young scientists that will change the world.

Art & Science, and at the same time as an alternative way of distributing knowledge to the public. That’s where we come in.

We connect with Scientists, Laboratories, and Institutes and organize image competitions and expositions.

We curate, showcase and print scientific Artwork so you can enjoy and appreciate the Art of Science around the world.

We make the Artwork available for everyone.

Science comes to life in print !

Dr. Bos and Dr. Schepers
Frank Bos & Arnout Schepers
Contact us: info@partofscience.eu